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Welcome to - *Glasgow Hypnotherapy Centre

Hello my name is Kate Diver. I'm a qualified and experiencedHypnotherapist and Certified Havening Technique Practitioner.

*Disclaimer - Hypnotherapy, Havening Technique, may help you achieve your goals. Results and outcomes are not guaranteed.

I'm a Certified* Havening Technique Practitioner. Presently, I'm the only Certified Havening Practitioner, working within Glasgow and surrounding areas.

I attended HT training, in New York City, October 2014, with Doctors Rudens' - the developers and discoverers of Havening Technique. Then with the help of my mentor/trainer, Ira Scott, NYC, USA, I became a Certified Havening Technique Practitioner. It wasn't easy to become a Certified Practitioner! However, as we are all aware, good quality training, does not happen in one weekend! Certified Havening Technique Practitioners are professionally tested and approved by HT professional, accredited, trainers.

This wonderful, *Psychosensory Technique, may help you overcome *anxiety, *reduce stress,* trauma, * phobias...* and more! Please call me for a chat 

*'Havening, also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT)  is going to change the face of therapy across the world. What used to take months to cure can now be done in minutes in most cases:  *trauma,* pain, *depression and* many more disorders. The initial study recently completed by King’s College London shows the remarkable effectiveness of this extraordinary set of processes. This is not to be confused with other psycho-sensory techniques, TFT, EMDR, etc. Whilst they are very good, *Havening is light years ahead.

Paul McKenna PhD'.   



Losing Weight? Is it all in the mind!

According to a report by Fiona Macrae, Science Editor, Daily Mail. 'Scientists have found that losing weight could be a matter of mind control.Using Mindfulness in your daily life, can help boost your success rate of losing weight improve self-esteem and self-control'.

Glasgow Hypnotherapy Centres' FitMind FitBody Hypnotherapy may be the mind key you've been looking for. The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I offer, at Glasgow Hypnotherapy Centre, may help your mind become more mindful = improving your weightloss goals.


*A consultation of 30mins - Assists me to treat and view you as an individual. I always strive to provide an individual,Havening Technique, Hypnotherapy session.

If I can offer further guidance and, or, advice, on *Haveing Technique, or, *Hypnotherapy, please contact me.

You deserve the best, Professional, Qualified Hypnotherapist, Havening Technique Practitioner.


Glasgow Hypnotherapy Prepaid Policy Below: 

Pre booked and Paid for appointments are subject to a 72 hour Cancellation Charge. Cancellations after 72hrs, will forfiet their payment.

When you book and pay for your appointment, via PayPal, you will automatically agree to Glasgow Hypnotherapy Centres Prepaid policy.

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*Certified Havening Technique Practitioner
 *Qualified Hypnotherapist 
*Hypnotherapy and Havening Technique,
May Help -
*Reduce Stress, *Anxiety *Trauma* ImproveSelf Belief/Confidence* Improve Job confidence/ Improve Opportunities.
 *Reduce Internal Nerves, Overcome Addictions and so much more.
* Hi Kate  
You may remember that you made time to see me about a month or so ago regarding job interview nerves. Sorry it's taken so long to get back in touch - anyway, I gave the presentation and did the interview.   I heard back today that they'd appointed someone else BUT got a call to say they liked me and wanted to invite me in for a chat about another position (same pay, scale etc in another dept). So I'm due in next Friday.  Additionally I went for another interview and presentation for a slightly different post with a charity and also received a job offer! So I'm spoilt for choice.
More importantly I feel much more confident about my ability to present and talk to people....More info on my Testimonial page
*Hi Kate
I saw you on 1st March to move away from nicotine habit. I am pleased to say I have not touched a cigarette since. Thank you!
I have been looking at your website and I can see you are offering 40% off for weightloss and I am hoping this is the Fitmind weighloss Hypnosis mentioned.
Could I please take advantage of this great offer since you have changed a huge aspect of my daily life already I would like help with my next personal challenge.
I look forward to hearing from you
*'Very Professional and well credited'
Client, Glasgow
*'Thank you for making me feel at ease. I will recommend you to others'
Client, Glasgow
*I was a little apprehensive before I met Kate. Kate made me feel relaxed. I would definitley recommend hypnotherapy to others'
Client, Glasgow
*Weight, Confidence, *Emotional eating.... 
*Hypnotherapy, may help you
 *Hi Kate
*Just a wee update since last Sat. Something's changed in me for the better. Some things I'd never said out loud before and since the weekend I have little compulsion to eat outwith scheduled mealtimes. I've tried the self-havening techniques which seem to keep me focused but I was hoping to arrange another one to one session for the first week in Dec. Can you send me details for the group sessions too.
Regards, L, Glasgow
Hypnotherapy, may help you
*Hi Kate
Last year I had a session with yourself re nerves when I'm trying to learn to drive.  I passed my theory test in January 2014 and have now started taking driving lessons but unfortunately although the driving instructor has said I'm a good driver my nerves are getting the better of me.  I wonder if it would  be possible to book another session just to help me calm down and build up my confidence.  
*Hypnotherapy, may help you
move away from smoking cigarettes
*Hi Kate, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me to *stop smoking. I feel Greeeeeaaaaatttt!!!!!!
Thanks again!
Anne, Glasgow
*smoking cigarettes?
Hypnotherapy, may help you stop.
*Fantastic!!! Been off the ciggies for 9 days now! No inclination to smoke!!
Caroline , Glasgow
*Highly recommend! Kate was amazing. She made me feel at relaxed and calm. And I haven't had the cravings usually associated with day I am now a non smoker.
Joanne, Scotland
*Hi Kate

*You asked me to update you on how i got on after my no smoking session on Saturday 1st February 2014.

When I left your office after the 2 hour session, I felt extremely relaxed and I was amazed how quick the time went by. My immediate thoughts were how nice you were and that I was feeling pretty good but I doubted the session would have any effect on my smoking.

Since that day, I cannot stand the smell of nicotine and smoke.  

 Thanks again for your help.!....more info on my testimonial page
*'I wasn't sure what to expect as i've never done hypnotherapy before. But, Kate was great and put me at ease. I would definitely recommend Kate at the Glasgow Hypnotherapy Centre & hypnotherapy in general.
Thanks, S, Glasgow
* OK, one word 'AMAZING'!
G. Glasgow
*Hypnotherapy, may help you
leave cigarettes behind forever.
*Hi Kate, you have been higly reccommended to me for *stop smoking hypnotherapy. I wondered if you could slot me in for an appiontment soon?
A, Scotland
*Hi Kate,
Thank you again for ridding me of the demon smoke (I fell off the wagon, but stopped again - 4 months *smoke free and I really feel like a non-smoker -and I know I couldn't have done it without you!....more info on my testimonial page
*Hypnotherapy, may help with
Hi Kate
*My name is Fiona B**** and I was in seeing you a couple of months ago.  You had asked me to email a wee update.
I'm back from holiday now and didn't put on too much weight.  I managed to lose it all in two weeks....more info on my testimonial page
*Hypnotherapy, may help
*Hi Kate,
I wanted to let you know I am feeling significantly better since my visit to you.
Karen, Glasgow
*Hi Kate,
I can't believe how well I am feeling! I can now see a bright light ahead of me instead of the dark tunnel that held me back..
Thank you so much!
An, Glasgow




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